Why JA?

Imagine a generation of students armed with the confidence and understanding to take control of their futures and equipped to achieve their dreams. We are working to give our region’s youth the hope to see a brighter future and the skills to answer the demands of the 21st-century economy with “I can.” In partnership with the education and business communities, Junior Achievement is transforming the student experience by bringing relevance, authenticity and application into everyday learning to energize students about their future possibilities.

JA® connects education to real-world concepts to heighten students’ appreciation for academics and long-term aspirations, giving them vision to see what’s possible in the future and the skills to achieve their dreams.

JA® infuses business connectivity and role models into all aspects of learning to deepen students’ understanding and sustain engagement as they learn about and solve real world problems.

JA® delivers opportunities to apply academic concepts to enhance students’ retention of knowledge and develop skills for success, bringing lessons to life.

Your donation allows us to create partnerships and provide programs
that are transforming students’ lives.